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Circulation Solution

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Promote strong circulation with the research dose of pure nattokinase.
lifetime guarantee Made in the USA

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per
% Daily
Nattokinase (from soy) 100 mg **
** Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients:Rice concentrate and gelatin.

Suggested Use:Take one capsule daily (with or without food) or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Caution:Consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product if you are taking blood thinning medications.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Circulation Solution™

The key ingredient in this formula is nattokinase.

Betty B. Testimonial Photo

"I am just finishing my first bottle of The Circulation Solution™ and feel a great difference in my circulation. Thank you so much for this product."

-Betty B., Modesto, CA

Promote Healthy Circulation and Cardiovascular Health*

The Circulation Solution™ can help you:*

  • Promote healthy blood circulation
  • Support healthy blood flow

Nattokinase is an extremely unique Natural supplement for circulation health.*

Promote Healthy Blood Circulation Naturally With The Circulation Solution™*

Natto-a natural soy-based food-has been used for over 1,000 years in Japan to naturally support healthy blood circulation. Now, studies have shown that nattokinase, the enzyme found in natto, may be one of the more effective natural substances in the world for supporting healthy blood circulation. What's more, nattokinase is 100% natural.*

Based on these findings, Health Resources™ developed The Circulation Solution™. With this cardiovascular health supplement, you get an extremely pure form of nattokinase in optimum beneficial amount. The result? You can help promote healthy circulation, safely and naturally.*

With a daily dose of The Circulation Solution™, you can help support healthy circulation.*

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What Ingredients Are You Getting In The Circulation Solution™?

At Health Resources™, our heart health supplements are designed to help you achieve powerful, lasting health. With The Circulation Solution™, you get one of the most beneficial, natural ingredients for promoting healthy blood circulation:*

Nattokinase-This ingredient was first consumed by samurai warriors in Japan. These soldiers ate natto for its health benefits (which were derived from the nattokinase enzyme). In recent years, studies have shown that nattokinase can promote healthy blood circulation.*

Customers Just Like You Are Praising The Circulation Solution™

Ted S. Testimonial Photo

"I have used Circulation Solution™ and find it very effective without any side effects. I recommend it because it is natural and safe."

-Ted S. Florida

Scott O. Testimonial Photo

"My wife and I take The Circulation Solution™ religiously. We feel great. We're both over 50 and people comment how young we look. We think circulation is one of the most important aspects in good health and this helps our circulation."

-Scott O., Hawaii

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The Circulation Solution™ Starts Working Quickly

Nutritional health supplements work differently for different people. You might start to notice health benefits from The Circulation Solution™ in just a few weeks. You'll likely experience your most powerful health benefits from nattokinase after 60 to 90 days. Consistent use over time helps increase the benefits of nattokinase. For best results, combine with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

Each bottle of The Circulation Solution™ with nattokinase contains 30 capsules, or a one-month supply, if taken at the recommended dosage of one capsule daily.

Precautions: Consult with your health care practitioner before taking this product if you take Coumadin®(Warfarin) or any other blood thinners.

If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult with your health care practitioner before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

Questions about combining medications with nutritional supplements can be addressed with either a health care professional or pharmacist. Medications should never be adjusted without proper medical advice.

Customer Reviews
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    Trying this product out.

    I have taken this circulation product for several month's now, I have that tingeling feeling starting at my toes than going up to my feet and can get very painful it looks like a nerve problem,during the day it's not that bad but at night gives me more pain ,have to go out of bed and walk around for awhile until the pain eases up. This product has has helped me somewhat but not enough. I like to know if there is something better to try out, thank you..

    Reviewed on 10/6/14 by Ben Notmeijer

    Amazing product

    I bought this product to improve circulation to my feet and toes. \nThe product worked as advertised and I continue to use it\nMy wife is now using it for the same purpose and she is delighted with the results\nWe are both 60 years old\nWhat is also interesting, and most welcome is that it appears to have a lowering effect on my hypertension\nAnd it seemed to have quickly reduced some swelling on my right elbow after it was injured when I fell\n\nI AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. IT WORKS!\nAnd I am pleased to give this positive endorsement without fear or favour

    Reviewed on 3/9/14 by Andy

    Great for keeping the flow even

    Natto,the key ingrediant,is a natural blood thinner/cleaner - it has the ability to keep the vicosity of the blood at 75 I I use this daily as a good addition for my overall health.

    Reviewed on 5/30/13 by Len

    Changed My life

    Due to business work and over-weight, So I start work out, still not improve, so I start taking Circulation Solution , after one week, , I can workout longer, because my blood circulation improve. This just my personal experience, I am continue taking this product, so far I am feel lighter and healthier

    Reviewed on 5/12/13 by Glen

    This product Really works.

    I needed a quick solution to my problem, and this product had some good claimes. I did not know whether the claimes were valid, but since it was not overly expensive, I though it was worth a try. I was pleased when it DID live up to its claim, and it actually works for me.

    Reviewed on 4/10/13 by Richard, the Believer

    Circulation Solution Review

    Since I have only finished my first bottle of circulation solution, it is too early to give an entire review. So far, so good. I was on another nattokinase product that I took x 2 per day and am not sure if this one will work as well since it is only x 1 per day. I will have to keep you posted on the long term results. I am a Holistic RN and prefer natural products in lieue of drugs with side effects. I will have to continue my evaluation over time to be sure that this is a product that is tried and good...YEAH!!

    Reviewed on 3/29/13 by Misdolfin

    this is a great product

    This is one of the best products i have taken ,because it has helped with my joints and it also clears my skin

    Reviewed on 3/28/13 by Little J

    works for me

    Now gives peace of mind.

    Reviewed on 1/31/13 by Rollie

    I would definitely reorder

    This supplement seems very good,. thank you.

    Reviewed on 11/29/12 by Carmelita

    I would buy this product again and again

    . I have used this product for 3+ years.

    Reviewed on 10/28/12 by Ginny

    I like them.

    I thought i wouldn't be able to tell the difference.\nBut i remember doing Hot Yoga. and before taking circulation solution.\ni used to get light headed a lot.\nSince i've been taking them... it's gone. weird.. I'm not afraid to do hot yoga anymore..\nI still love Regular Yoga. but Hot doesn't give me a headache afterwards anymore like it used to... \n\nthanks!

    Reviewed on 8/20/12 by Broga

    Takes the edge off my painful toes.

    The circulation booster takes the sharp edge off the pain so I can sleep at night. Such a relief!!!

    Reviewed on 8/7/12 by wenbail

    I will continue to buy this product .

    After taking it for 2 months(2 gel tabs once a day). Went on a diet & lost 30 lbs. The 2 gel tabs a day is all I need to keep my blood pressure normal. This is a product I'll continue to take because it's good for the heart & blood. Great product, I highly recommend it!:-))

    Reviewed on 8/3/12 by FairyThinMother

    it s great for my blood pressure

    It s good for my blood pressure and lower limbs feel great can taking it on empty stomach without upset or side effects etc Yes i would buy it again , since 2009.

    Reviewed on 7/7/12 by EMJ

    Effective blood thinner

    I've read of the many benefits of Nattokenese (Circulation Solutions) but the one I care about is that it is an effective blood thinner. All natto is not equal; this one works."

    Reviewed on 6/30/12 by Bob the boater

    Not having any improvements

    After takimg product for over a month, circulation in my legs has not improved at all.

    Reviewed on 5/30/12 by Mark-man

    circulation solution

    Seems to work well,

    Reviewed on 5/12/12 by Spanky

    No More Pain!

    Almost 3 years ago I needed to find employment to help supplement my income and at 49yrs old, the only job that worked around my special needs daughter was a serving position at a local Cafe. I enjoyed the work & exercise, but found that my lower legs, particularily my right calf & feet would hurt alot, to the point where it was hard to walk, especially the day after I worked.\nI saw the ad for your product and my problem seemed to fit what the Circulation Solution could help with,Very grateful, I will always take this product. I also gave some to my fiance' who is almost 59yrs old and he has said after a week that he has started to feel a difference in the stiffness he has felt in the past in his joints,

    Reviewed on 4/22/12 by Cafe Nona


    I started using Circulation Solution over a year ago hoping to get off blood pressure med. After about 6 months of taking 2 gel tabs each night. After losing 26 lbs & continuing to take the 2 gel tabs of the Circulation Solution daily, This is a wonderful product.

    Reviewed on 4/17/12 by Psalm 91

    Very good ingredients (Nattokinase)

    The best thing of this product, for me, is the assurance of the Natto at work.

    Reviewed on 4/12/12 by BFMoy

    Circulation Solution

    I had a stiff leg after a long Air Travel that did not get better even after a couple of monthsI take one daily

    Reviewed on 3/27/12 by RAO

    Works for me.

    I am 52 years old and I use this daily. I work for a suppermarket chain, on my feet for 6 and 8 hour days. It works great for me.

    Reviewed on 3/26/12 by Mrs. Food Lion

    It's Amazing

    I ordered a 6 month supply of the Circulation Solution. I began to take one soft gel every morning when I came home from work. It has been 5 weeks since I started. No skepticism here. Thank you so much for your great product.

    Reviewed on 3/15/12 by Sam

    This is the real thing.I can feel my fee

    I use it once a day.everything is great aboutit.It does what they say it does

    Reviewed on 2/8/12 by bigth

    Improved Circulation Miracle!

    . I started taking the circulation solution and over a surprisingly short time the circulation improved and cramping ceased! Another great benefit is increased mental clarity.

    Reviewed on 1/20/12 by 90+Gaffer

    Excellent product

    I would buy this product again

    Reviewed on 1/15/12 by TC - Long distance bicyclist

    A Miracle Pill

    My husband and my Mother are on it. What a Blessing. Thank you very much.

    Reviewed on 1/15/12 by Lisa Marie

    Circulation Solution

    Take every day.

    Reviewed on 1/14/12 by Andrus Simon

    blood flows

    I noticed that it take less time to donate blood at the vampire clinic

    Reviewed on 1/14/12 by satan killer

    I am lost for words: A Miracle waiting..

    I came across Health Resources on the Internet. I ordered a year supply of The Circulation Solution,.\ and eat what I love ever since, that was six years ago. True Miracle. Best regards, Clinton Jackson

    Reviewed on 1/14/12 by Clint

    Thank you

    I work in a local supermarket and am on my feet for 4 and 5 hr.before a break.My legs feel great, not tired like before. THANK YOU......

    Reviewed on 12/27/11 by Mrs. Food Lion

    Great Product

    Fill the effects in weeks!

    Reviewed on 12/25/11 by Ron



    Reviewed on 12/24/11 by AL

    I now take them daily.

    I quit taking it for about a week and my legs started hurting so I reordered a 12 mo. supply. \n Lou

    Reviewed on 12/22/11 by Lou

    Great use.

    Great use in blood pressure.

    Reviewed on 12/21/11 by jd


    I started using the product after I had a TIA. It's a natural product that does help with circulation.

    Reviewed on 12/17/11 by Joan the health nut



    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by AL FOR REAL NAME-ALWAL



    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by RON

    not sure if will buy again.

    This is a good product and it works. The only thing i can say is that it hurts my stomach. Or i would buy it all the time. my stomach may be sinsative then others who take it. I'm not sure if it has asprin in it or not. But it does work.

    Reviewed on 10/29/11 by sherri j.

    Still To Soon

    Have been taking for less than 2 months and have not yet determined if it has yet improved my condition of lack of circulation in my legs.

    Reviewed on 9/29/11 by Bill

    I would like to thank you for SC

    Thanks,have made my legs feel great. I stand on my feet all day and my legs are not as tired.

    Reviewed on 9/29/11 by Mrs. Food Lion

    I would buy this product again an again

    It really work for me it help reduced swelling of my (edema)legs and blood pressure and no need to take BP meds with it side effects, this product dont have no side effect at all and for everyday uses to keep BP in check etc.

    Reviewed on 9/28/11 by EJ

    Absolutely works

    I am 57yoa and. Since taking this supplement for about 3 months, my recent pressure was 122/80!! Need I say anymore??

    Reviewed on 9/28/11 by Nevelle

    Not sold on it yet

    I just finished my 1st mo no results yet. will try another mo ,and see what happens. then review again

    Reviewed on 9/17/11 by Bun

    Will not stop buying this product

    I've been using Circulation Solution for several years now and couldn't see myself without it. I will be 70 in Nov.. As I've said before I will never be without the product because of the results I've gotten from it. Thanks for making such a great product!

    Reviewed on 9/8/11 by Bamma Girl

    Circulation Sulution

    He takes one a day and it seems to do the trick.

    Reviewed on 9/3/11 by Bert

    Miraculous Blood Pressure Change

    I ordered Circulation Solution for him and insisted on his taking it. UNBELIEVABLE! We now visit the doctor once a month but his blood pressure is always normal now. I contribute that to Circulation Solution.

    Reviewed on 8/25/11 by Jody B

    i would buy this product again and again

    things that are great about it

    Reviewed on 8/15/11 by hen

    Far exceeds, Heperin, Warfarin, Cumedin

    Keeps doctors at bay with blood thinners. I would rather a naturally affective extract,

    Reviewed on 8/13/11 by PastorRich


    I think you should double the quanity of pills in the bottle or even triple the amount, as it is now it seems a waste of space.

    Reviewed on 7/10/11 by Claude aka Gunner



    Reviewed on 7/10/11 by RON



    Reviewed on 6/27/11 by steve the dancer

    Definitely some improvement

    Took 2 per day 1 was not enough - reduction in numbness and cold in the extremities with weather becoming colder less cracking of skin on ends of fingers and thumbs .\nIt would be better to send this review when the customer has had time to take most of the order and assess the benefits.The previous product I purchased I had lost the review email from my inbox by the time I finished taking them.

    Reviewed on 6/25/11 by Nick the Greek

    Good product

    I did not get the results I was looking for. Does not mean not a good product, just means it did not benefit me.

    Reviewed on 6/8/11 by Mary J

    This product gives me more energy

    I love your products. Since starting with them, I have perfect blood pressure and my overall health and endurance is very much improved.

    Reviewed on 6/3/11 by Jan

    Have noticed two improvements

    I like the once a day convenience and the small easy to swallow gelcap. I think it is very pricey and do not know if I can take it long term because of the price."

    Reviewed on 6/1/11 by Texas Licensed Massage Therapist

    It`s just really good

    It keeps me with a better health

    Reviewed on 5/1/11 by Emilio Enrique

    Love, love, love this product

    I get leg cramps every night that makes it hard to go to sleep or wakes me from a sound sleep. As soon as I started taking this product the leg cramps stopped!

    Reviewed on 4/27/11 by The Bookkeeper


    Have noticed difference in night leg cramps as well as general better feeling of well-being. - Raymond Woolfe

    Reviewed on 4/16/11 by Raymie - a jockey

    Awesome product

    When I am using this product I don't have the pains in my lower legs that I do when not taking it. . I feel better all over I now have my husband taking them regularly. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Don't change them at all

    Reviewed on 3/22/11 by marty



    Reviewed on 3/6/11 by RICK

    Circulation solution is a God send.

    I know when my blood pressure goes higher even\nwith my medication. I haven't experience that\nsince I started with Circulation Solution. I\nam sleeping better too. I'm not sure if there\nis anything that isn't good about this product.\nThank you....JL

    Reviewed on 3/4/11 by N/A


    As physician it makes more sense than the medications I prescipe daily!

    Reviewed on 2/26/11 by Anton the doctor

    circulation solution

    good circulation, more energy

    Reviewed on 2/14/11 by Bill

    Outstanding Product

    I have been using the circulation solution for about four years and it is an excellant product The Circulation Solution. The service is also outstanding[...]. I will not only continue to use this product but also recommend it to every one. Health Source is wonderful. Thanks, PTee

    Reviewed on 2/12/11 by irculation Solution.

    I will continue to buy this product.

    Use of this product has helped my circulation, especially in my feet. I believe it was beneficial in getting a good report on cardiovascular check ups.Davenport, I

    Reviewed on 2/8/11 by none

    not working

    not working for me yet

    Reviewed on 1/22/11 by Wes

    It works great for me!

    Still taking it daily without any problems even though I have a sensitive stomach due to acid reflux. Before even walking uphill caused pain. Now I shovel snow for hours pain free!

    Reviewed on 12/23/10 by Average Blue Collar Worker

    Great Product !!

    Both my 43 year old son and myself (63) have been taking circulation solution for 15 months now. We both see a great health improvement. We had both experienced quite severe leg cramps before taking it; and now rarely experience any leg cramps!

    Reviewed on 11/18/10 by Sally

    Seems to be helping

    I have numbness in my little two toes on my left foot and some stiffness around my ankle when I do to much. Since I am taking this medication it seems to be much better.

    Reviewed on 11/18/10 by NA

    Slip Sliding Away

    I chose Circulation Solution with Nattokinase. I feel at ease with my condition now and without the side effects.

    Reviewed on 11/18/10 by gymbutt

    I would buy this product for [$]

    sale price it like 2 mos ago. [$]

    Reviewed on 10/29/10 by fletchfl


    I have been taking Circulation Solution for several months. The circulation has returned to my toes, and I seldom get leg cramps anymore. It's made my life better.

    Reviewed on 9/24/10 by Marcia, the Queen

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      Circulation Solution™
      Frequently Asked Questions

      Promote Healthy Circulation

      30 capsules per bottle

      Q. How do I take Ciculation Solution™?

      Q. How long will it take Circulation Solution™ to work?

      Q. What are the Circulation Solution™ capsules made of?

      Q. Can I take Circulation Solution™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      Q. Where is Circulation Solution™ made?

      Q. Can I give Circulation Solution™ to my child or pet?

      Q. How do I take Ciculation Solution™?

      A. The recommended dose of Circulation Solution™ is one capsule daily with or without food - or as directed by your health care professional.

      Q. How long will it take Circulation Solution™ to work?

      A. Nutritional health supplements work differently for different people. You might start to notice a difference from The Circulation Solution™ in just a few weeks. You'll likely experience your most powerful health benefits from nattokinase after 60 to 90 days. Consistent use over time helps increase the effectiveness of nattokinase. For best results, combine with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

      Q. What are the Circulation Solution™ capsules made of?

      A. The Circulation Solution™ capsules are made of gelatin. If you'd prefer not to ingest the capsules, you can easily open them up and mix the contents with food or liquid.

      Q. Can I take Circulation Solution™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

      A. If you have a medical condition or are on medication, it's best to consult with your healthcare professional before taking Circulation Solution™ or any other dietary supplement.

      Q. Where is Circulation Solution™ made?

      A. Circulation Solution™ is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Our manufacturing is performed in fully licensed and GMP registered facilities to assure compliance with the latest industry guidelines, government regulations and quality assurance practices.

      Q. Can I give Circulation Solution™ to my child or pet?

      A. Before giving Circulation Solution™ to your child, please consult with your healthcare professional. Also, check with your vet before giving supplements to your pet.