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Each month we'll provide the latest research from our editorial partner, Whole Health Insider, to help you make the best, most informed choices regarding your health. Every article draws on breaking natural health research and traditional practice.

Published Research

The True Price of Prevention

Sometimes it seems as though nutritional supplements will never get the respect they deserve. Even though many studies demonstrate a vast array of benefits that come from taking a wide range of dietary supplements, the mainstream media only want to report on the negative—even if the concerns they raise are unfounded or overblown. Read More

The Smoker's Guide to Staying Healthy

I will also show you some excellent strategies for minimizing the damage from cigarettes until you feel you are ready to wean yourself off of them completely. And, should you decide to quit, I will give you a few tips for things you can do that might make the withdrawal process easier that you might not have thought about before. Read More

Eating Alkaline to Maximize Your Health

When you have that cheeseburger or piece of cake for dinner, you might think about the consequences it can have on your waistline or your cholesterol levels. But what you probably don’t consider is how it is affecting the alkalinity of your body. Read More

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