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Resplenish (120 caps)

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    Greatly improved my breathing

    After suffering for two years with reocurring pneumonia and getting no lasting results from doctors I tried Replenish and it has greatly improved my breathing as well as bring up the phlem. Great product!

    Reviewed on 7/20/13 by Rusty

    The Best Product Ever!

    I am 57 and live in Colorado Springs; the altitude and cold weather during winter made it impossible for me to run with my asthma. I started taking Resplenish and within a week began to feel the difference. I can run now and not feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest I am hooked on this and am ecstatic with the results. If you have respiratory problems, don't wait, try this product, you won't be sorry.

    Reviewed on 5/27/13 by Grace


    Can't tell any difference

    Reviewed on 5/17/13 by yeooslrac

    Resplenish seems to help my breathing

    It seems to help my breathing when I lay down. That is when the real shortness of breath presents itself.

    Reviewed on 5/3/13 by sharon

    I intend to continue use of this product

    I have been very pleased with Replenish. The improvements I observed in lung function were virtually immediate. Further, the combination of ingredients is far more cost efficient and convenient than purchasing and taking each ingredient separately.

    Reviewed on 3/20/13 by Jim M

    Another extraordinary Product

    Great help to people like my husband who is getting old, sedentary life style and having lots of other old age complication.

    Reviewed on 2/15/13 by Chris

    Real BREATHING improvement

    I have used many of the ingredients but in different proportions. This combination is working more quickly and I am reaping the benefits of BETTER breathing after only two weeks. I'm excited to begin exercising again. Thanks for a wonderful product. I'm ready to SHOP and re-joi the folks living.""

    Reviewed on 11/2/12 by Eve

    GREAT Supplement

    I take Replenish every day as directed and it has really helped my endurance. Although I don't have a breathing issue, I have noticed that as I have grown older -- I am 65, my endurance has diminished. Once I began taking this product, my stamina and endurance have definite increased. I have no difficulty walking 2-3 miles or doing routine yard work in the heat of the day!!!!! I am VERY pleased with the results!!!!!

    Reviewed on 6/16/12 by JT

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