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Advanced Joint Relief

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    Happy again

    So far I'm happy with the product my knees have improved.I will continue to use it

    Reviewed on 12/30/14 by Marilynlafroscia

    Finally a product that works

    I have taken this product for five years. Before I started I had very bad knee pain. I am a roofer and so I use a ladder and climb on roofs all day. I now can work all day pain free. I sleep better too. I have recommended this product to my friends

    Reviewed on 6/16/13 by Terry the Roofer

    It worked for my damaged knee! I love it

    I hurt my knee on the golf course and I heard about the Joint Relief product.I tried a bottle\nand my pain gradually went away and hasn't returned for over 2 years. I am 74 years old.

    Reviewed on 6/15/12 by Sam

    outstanding Product in Every way

    I have taken this product since the onset of my condition, I am still able to walk some and drive some, and take this daily. I am so grateful for this product, it is all natural and helps me so much. I am so into natural products, and this particular one has all the ingredients in it to help me remain mobile, and tolerate the pain better.

    Reviewed on 1/17/12 by MommaJoyce

    Useful, but not a complete solution

    I noticed some relief the next day after I got the product and after I took the suggested 4 capsules in 24 hours. However, it did not completely eliminate the problem. Since my pain is reduced, I will continue to use the product. I do hope there will be an effect that is more long term than I now am experiencing. From a cost benefit perspective, unless things improve in the next few months, I think the price is quite high for the modest relief.

    Reviewed on 1/8/12 by Active at 70

    It actually works, unlike many others.

    I have tried many different joint products for my knees and while taking this product my knees never hurt, do not care why it works or what is in it. I just care that it takes away my knee pain.

    Reviewed on 12/16/11 by N/A

    Seems to be helping.

    Product use is daily. Less sore in the morning. \nWould like to be pain free.

    Reviewed on 10/13/11 by Charlie

    outstanding product

    I love this product it helps me remain mobile, but I have challenges with the pricing of it. I know they have to spend money to make the product so there are expenses for them, but people like myself who are low income, find it hard at times to get this much needed product for myself. There have been numerous times I had to borrow the money to get it. Because it helps me so much, and is like my life's blood , I am hoping at some point to be able to afford it one day , and have it not be such a struggle for me. The product is worth the money, I am just so low income its hard for me to get it sometimes.

    Reviewed on 9/9/11 by sistercharity

    I will buy this product again and again

    Since I use this product, my knees are not swollen anymore

    Reviewed on 8/23/11 by myrnabelsa

    This product is great

    . A friend told me about Advanced Joint Releif. I started taking them in March and as of August, I can bend my leg better, walk with out pain, and stand for long times without pain. I would and have already recommend this to others

    Reviewed on 8/7/11 by Big Dave

    This is great pain relief for joints

    After three months of taking joint relief. I walk with out the pain I had before taking the joint relief.

    Reviewed on 6/29/11 by Big Dave

    I feel better on my joints and knees

    I and my wife take two capsules everyday and we\nlike it.

    Reviewed on 6/7/11 by Mel

    Found something that works for me.

    . I have been using this product for 18 months. I have much more mobility,. I formerly could not even walk around the supermarket without severe pain. Now I can walk many blocks

    Reviewed on 5/7/11 by gardening

    oh what a relief it is!

    when used as directed, it outperformed beyond my expectations, , but it allows me freedom to move around easier..thanks

    Reviewed on 5/1/11 by pro-driver

    I would buy this product again and again

    I have been taking two to three capsuls every morning for the past few years and find it very easy to get thru the day. For those days when I am working in the garden and find my back and joints are bothering me a bit then I will take tree more at bed time and find I can sleep thru the night. I thought maybe it was my imagination so after about a year I went off the product for a few months and could hardly move so I reordered and after only a short time I was pain free again. I will continue to take advance joint formula for as long as I live

    Reviewed on 3/9/11 by Grama E

    Great stuff!!!

    Health Resources really did their homework and found just about everything that is really great for aching joints. I'm very pleased!!! Myra

    Reviewed on 2/4/11 by carpet=cleaner

    worth its weight

    just finished the first container.most impressed the end of the day when my knees make walking an effort two caps,a good nights undisturbed sleep and virtually pain free next morning

    Reviewed on 1/30/11 by sauris

    Advanced Joint Relief gets my vote.

    I'm an avid 61 yr old weight lifter who takes the recommended dosage of AJR. I can honestly say without adding fluff to it that AJR enables me to lift just as I did 30 years ago.

    Reviewed on 1/26/11 by Chet

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